We are accepting session proposals from now until April 14th.

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Why you should speak at NCDevCon

NCDevCon was founded in the middle of the last economic recession. The founders were conference speakers and software developers who had spoken at all sorts of conferences. Based on their experiences, there was a need for a low-frills developer conference to help other developer learn new skills. We wanted to help others find good jobs in the tough economic environments of 2008 and 2009.

Our vision:

  1. Low cost - the price should be approachable by an indepentant or even out-of-work developer
  2. High skills value - the emphasis should be on getting the best speakers who want to share what they've learned with others
  3. Hands on Training - we want to include hands-on-training opportunities for attendees at no extra charge
  4. Community focused - we want to spread out the hard work of our speakers. - we record and publish all sessions on YouTube free of charge to everyone. (Does this mean some people don't register and support the conference? Yup. We don't get worked up about that. We are all about fostering learning)
  5. Approachable - we want to keep the speaker to attendee ratio very reasonable. As such, we max attendees at 300. Being at a 2,000 person conference can be intimidating!
  6. Professional - we will run a respectful, professional environment that respects all attendees. Our Code of Conduct has been published and abided by since 2010.

NCDevCon Speakers

Through our work, we've personally seen many folks get new jobs in technology sector. We've also seen attendees first become conference speakers at NCDevCon, then go on to have global speaking presences and high profile careers. It's this aspect, the personal/professional development angle, that keeps NCDevCon going. Together with our partners at NC State University, we measure success by the amount of opportunities we can give others to make the most out of themselves and their careers.

If this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to participate, consider either being a speaker or becoming a volunteer.

What we do for speakers:

  • Complimentary full admission to the conference
  • Free admission to our after party, with free beer, wine and heavy Hors d'oeuvres
  • Your session will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel for public viewing (unless you don't want this)
  • Our undying gratitude
  • Adoration from the attendees
  • Up to 2 nights hotel room
  • Invitation to our Sunday night volunteer dinner

Due to the unpredictable nature of travel costs, and our ticket price, we regret we aren't able to offset flights or other travel expenses.