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Are you sure, you know JavaScript

It’s not a tips and tricks or best practice talk. Rather, it’s a ground up discussion about why core of JavaScript is developed in certain way and what benefits you could get from the eye opening understanding of JavaScript. After this talk you can feel and explain core of javascript concepts other than following so called best practices blindly. The goal of this talk is to get rid of your confusion with in depth explanation that will make you confident to explain javascript to your manager as well as your grandmother. Of course, we will talk about the most confusing parts of JavaScript that includes, notorious “this”, mysterious “scope”, obscure “hoisting”, cryptic “closure”, ambiguous “inheritance”, heinous “pass by value or ref”, and many more.

About md khan

md khan

Md khan is a curious JavaScript developer and a frequent speaker. He helps to organize monthly Chicago JavaScript meetups. His weekends are filled with the excitement of preparing talks, writing blogs for, making videos for, or pulling out his hair to figure out how this new JavaScript library works. So, the only way, Md Khan gets enough sleep at night is to spend at least 6 hr per day in JavaScript. That could be by reading JavaScript Weekly or pushing code to github when his manager is not around. He is simply addicted to JavaScript. If you are still interested to read his job title (you might be an auto insurance agent), Md is a senior web developer at Nielsen, Chicago, IL.

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