NCDevCon 2014 Free Video- Choosing The Right JavaScript For The Job

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Choosing the Right Javascript for the Job

Single page applications (SPA) are becoming more popular everyday. Due to their lack of reloading, fast interactivity and ability to separate the visual presentation from database activity (using RESTful APIs) a Single Page Application can turn a simple product into an impressive presentation. Complicated template logic can be hard to manage for a large project and some javascript frameworks can be overkill. This presentation will present the pros and cons of different Javascript Frameworks. When to use Angular or when to use a jQuery Plugin. We will analyze how each framework came to be, who maintains the codebase and top level components associated with the product.

About Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Adam Smith started building websites in 1996. From Geocities tables to fully responsive JS frameworks he continues to learn and push the boundaries of the web. Currently employed as lead developer at Wide Open Technologies in Wilmington North Carolina he focuses on e-Commerce frameworks and highly interactive web interfaces. His passions are javascript, impressive UIs and brewing beer.

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