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Connecting With Data: Graph Databases

Applications are built around domain and business concepts. As developers, we model these concepts and their relationships all the time in our heads, on whiteboards, and in code. Then we perform mental gymnastics translating objects and relationships into tables, rows and columns. Wouldn't it be better if our data storage thought the same way we do? This session describes a few types of problems that relational databases and many contemporary NOSQL solutions have trouble modeling, and how graph databases are a solution to those problems. Along the way, we will be introduced to the graph database Neo4j, will see how to interact with it via the Cypher query language, and learn how to start modeling our own application data as graphs.

About Josh Adell

Josh Adell

Josh has been a software developer specializing in web applications since 2002. He lives in Durham, NC, working in PHP, Javascript, and SQL for ServiceTrade, a startup dedicated to making the facilities services industry more efficient for vendors and customers. As the creator of Neo4jPHP, a PHP library for working with the Neo4j graph database, Josh enjoys evangelizing graph databases and architectures to anyone foolish enough to ask about them. In his spare time, Josh enjoys puttering around with new technologies, vegetable gardening, reading about pretty much anything, [tabletop|video]-gaming, geocaching and winning at bar trivia.

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