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Functional JavaScript in the Real World

The author of the Configise configuration management library for Node will demonstrate the library and show how it applies functional programming techniques within JavaScript for very productive code. More importantly, he will demonstrate and explore how to think about writing code in such a way that functional programming answers arise naturally, leading to much simpler, shorter, cleaner JavaScript.

About Robert Fischer

Robert Fischer

Robert Fischer is an open source software developer, IT manager, speaker, author and consultant. He wrote "Grails Persistence with GORM and GSQL", and is currently working on another book on Java 8 technologies. Fischer has written for JSMag on "Functional JavaScript". He has also founded open source projects in Java, Groovy, OCaml, and JavaScript, including projects providing configuration management, database migration, compiler infrastructures, and Ajax support. He has spoken nationally, including speaking on the "No Fluff, Just Stuff" tour, on topics including functional programming languages, concurrent programming, build systems, and software development leadership. Robert lives in Durham, NC, with his wife, newborn baby girl, and dog.

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