NCDevCon 2015 Session-Build out of this world apps with METEOR!

Build out of this world apps with METEOR!

Web applications went from being a static site with a single form and perl script to full on AJAX implementations and RIA stacks. In this session we shall present the METEOR stack! A suberb way to create super responsive and fast applications that are a delight to use and develop. Using one language (to rule them all), JavaScript, for both the front and back end, in this session you will see how you can: Build modern web applications that feel like desktop apps not a bunch of lose pages strung together Make a great experience for both the browser and mobile Learn how Meteor applications are super fast and see live data updates (puppies and unicorns!) Use one language both in the back end and the front end Deploy your applications to mobile and web instantly (ok, in a few seconds at least!) The audience should have some knowledge in building web dynamic applications, whether it is just one form or a fully dynamic web application.

About Mark Drew

Mark Drew

Mark has been programming CFML since 1996, and even though he has had forays into Perl, ASP and PHP he is still loving every line of code he has crafted with CFML. Aside from commercial projects, Mark has contributed to a number of Open Source projects such as the CFEclipse Project (developing a CFML IDE), Reactor ORM, ColdSpring, ColdBox and the Model-Glue framework. Because of this background, Mark has also become a well known speaker at various conferences on subjects close to his heart such as ORM's, Frameworks, Development Tooling and Development Process. He runs CMD a London based consultancy that provides training, development services, architectural consulting and performance tuning.

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