NCDevCon 2015 Session-How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping The Future Of Investing

How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping The Future Of Investing

Coding for a financial services firm – who knew? Hear from Fidelity Investments technologists on how Fidelity is creating new ways that clients see their finances from Fidelity Labs initiatives to Digital Platform and Service Virtualization to Angular.js and Protractor to support automated testing implementing responsive web design and mobile technology.

About Fidelity Investments

Marcos Prieto

Marcos is a seasoned front-end developer and an alumni from the UNC Chapel Hill Information Science Program. His first task when he got to Fidelity was to help build a mobile automation framework for quality assurance purposes using the latest technologies. Less than six months later the Virtual Device Lab was born. This new initiative enables Fidelity associates throughout the globe access to mobile devices with just the click of a button. Marcos works with AngularJS, ProtractorJS, NodeJS, Selenium, and Appium (among others) on a daily basis.

Brantley Shields

Brantley would classify himself as a jack of all trades in the technology space with experience leveraging a wide range of technologies such as Java, C# .NET, Unity Engine and much more. At Fidelity, Brantley is actively managing the Digital Platform and Service Virtualization efforts across the organization. The Digital Platform is a middleware technology that sits between the front end and back end systems of Fidelity Investments, moderates the controls and communication between them. Service Virtualization is essentially mocking up web service request/responses to test specific scenarios, streamline development and enabling testing via automation much quicker in the project life cycle.

Aleks Gidenko

Aleks is a software engineer who enjoys programming and solving hard problems. He has worked with many different programming languages over the years such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and so on. At Fidelity, Aleks works in the Money Movement space where his first assignment was to create a framework for test automation so that all the testing could be automated for both the legacy and next gen pages. He is also working with service virtualization to help mock up web services to emulate behavior of components and systems that are constrained or unavailable for test automation.


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