NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: Adobe's Awdhesh Kumar


Awdhesh KumarAwdhesh is a senior developer working for Adobe in the ColdFusion Engineering Team for five years. He possesses several years of R&D experience in application-server internals and internet architectures writing world’s first JEE certified Servlet2.4 and JSP2.0 web container when he was in Pramati Technologies. He was part of expert group committee for Servlet 2.4 and JSR 223 specification for a brief period before he took sabbatical. As a senior Computer scientist in ColdFusion Team, he has worked on various core features of ColdFusion, such as enhancing CFML language, advance ORM, Portlet, Ajax, CF performance and many more. He has extensive knowledge of HTTP protocol, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. He has been associated with different educational institute for the middleware courses in India and has spoken at various conferences. He can be reached on twitter: @kawdhesh

What Next in Zeus

Awdhesh will be highlighting some of the features in the next version of Coldfusion.