NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: Andrew Schwabe


Andrew SchwabeA native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Andrew Schwabe is an entrepreneur and a humanitarian. Andrew has many years of experience with professional and military leadership, and has been an application developer since 1988 with experience in multiple platforms including Java, CFML and AS3 with recent focuses on document management and social networking. Andrew has spoken at conferences around the world, and enjoys sharing from his experience.

Andrew is currently the CEO of CloudPointe, LLC, a cloud middleware software company, and also acts as an advisor to several other technology companies. Andrew has been recognized in the business community, receiving the coveted Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement Award. Andrew and his family dedicate time yearly to travel to underprivileged regions around the world to help with humanitarian and community efforts.

Building Facebook Applications with CFML

This presentation talks about building Facebook applications using CFML, gets you up to speed on the recent changes in the Facebook platform and Graph API, and shows some quick-and-dirty examples, as well as some advanced examples that utilize both CFML and Flash.