NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: Dan Skaggs


Dan SkaggsDan Skaggs is co-founder of Web-Meister Designs, Inc., a web development consulting ?rm he and his wife started in 1999 as a part-time endeavor. In 2006, Dan transitioned to the role of independent consultant, working full-time through Web-Meister for clients of all sizes located across the United States. A web developer since 1998, Dan has been developing ColdFusion applications since 2000 and has held multiple ColdFusion certi?cations. Dan is a contributing partner to the Model-Glue MVC framework for ColdFusion. Dan also enjoys shooting, motorcycling, and amateur radio.

OOP: What is it and why should I care?

This session will explore the concepts behind building applications based on object-oriented principles, debunk a few misconceptions that come along with the OOP label and compare the process for building an application with OOP principles to building the same application using more procedural methods.