NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: David Henry


David HenryDavid is a veteran CF/Java/Javascript developer with a passion for finding "a better way" to build and maintain software. By day he is a Senior Software Engineer for the American Kennel Club and at night he is a freelance developer doing business as ColdFusion Powered Consulting. You can find his occasional writings at .

Build a Better Functional Test Suite with Selenium RC, JUnit, and jQuery

This hands on tutorial covers how to extend Selenium's reach with JQuery selectors, build a test driver for your application to abstract and reuse the hard parts of web testing, and finally build JUnit tests that read like a test plan in plain English.

    Recommended Prerequisites:
  • - Know how to select DOM elements with JQuery or CSS
  • - Know simple Java syntax: functions, if/else, looping
  • - Know what a JUnit test is
  • - A Laptop with an Eclipse based IDE