NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: Mike Brunt


Mike BruntMike Brunt has been coding web applications since 1993 and began using ColdFusion at version 1.54 in 1995-6. In 1998 he worked with Kodak and Lucent Technologies to create a pioneering web based TeleRadiology cross-consult portal when Radiologists and primary Care Physicians could review patient medical images. Allaire recruited Mike in 1999 to join a ColdFusion-JRun consulting team. In 2001 Mike co-founded a company – Webapper Services LLC along with another Macromedia consultant, Patrick Quinn. In 2006 Mike struck out on his own to form Go2RIA seeing the coming challenges of the effects on overall performance as Rich Internet Applications proliferated. From 1999 to the present day, Mike has been very focused on the server-side of Java and ColdFusion helping users worldwide to troubleshoot applications and to create strategies which ensure Enterprise level Java/ColdFusion applications can be scaled effectively and efficiently.

Maximize The JVM For 64-Bit

Although a seemingly very “dry” subject, memory management in Java got more challenging with the advent of 64-bit systems. With 64-bit the limiting contiguous memory space issue inherent in 32-bit systems goes away and the amount of RAM that can now be accessed by the Java Heap is infinitely larger. However, we have noticed with clients who try to go beyond a 16GB heap hit a wall of diminishing returns. Succinctly, Java does not take full advantage of 64-bit architectures and in this very practical demonstration we will show ways to maximize the performance of the Sun JVM on 64-bit architectures.