NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: Shawn Dunning


Shawn DunningShawn Dunning is a North Carolina native. He has served the College of Textiles at NC State University for 13 years. In his current role of Assistant Dean for Information Technology, he oversees all IT related activities for the college. He also keeps his hands dirty in web programming trying to make the jobs of the faculty and staff more efficient. He is always interested in how to take the bleeding edge technology to a scalable resource for those in the college and the university at large. On the weekends you can find him with his family riding bikes, on xbox live, or admiring nice shiny new tech toys at the local Best Buy.

QR Code Crazy

If you haven't noticed, QR (Quick Reponse) codes have exploded in the United States. They have been used in other countries for several years, but the US has just recently discovered them. Like any new technology, QR codes have been used in new, creative, and crazy ways. Tombstone QR codes? Billboards? We'll take a look at useful and tacky ways to use them. In addition, the College of Textiles is planning several uses and one of them will be dissected. Come find out and interact with others on how these small boxes may help your university or business.

    Presentation Highlights:
  • -Short Introduction to QR Codes
  • -Good/Bad QR code examples
  • -Using QR codes for Computer Inventory (CF,HTML,CSS code included)