NCDevCon Wants You To Present at the Unconference

Every year, we have to pass on session ideas that are really good. Our attendees are all smart people doing interesting things. How can we put together the best and most informative conference?

This year, at SenchaCon 13, There were a number of unconference slots available for the attendees to register for a slot and spend 20-30 minutes demonstrating or explaining some technology. Some of these presentations had slide decks, some just showed code examples and did Q/A. We'd like to give this a shot at NCDevCon and see what interesting things people want to share on.

We've set aside 4 sessions on Sunday for unconference purposes. There are 2 slots in two rooms that can be reserved. We'll put a schedule outside the door and if you are interested in sharing something sign up. Sign up as early as you can so others can make sure to come to your session. Please keep your session focused on technology relevant to our audience. Also, remember to keep it professional. These sessions will be recorded and made available on line for viewing at the end of the conference.

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