NCDevCon 2011 Speaker/Topic List

The hardest part of putting on a conference like NCDevCon is selecting presentations. Thanks to everyone who submitted topics. Below you will find a list of accepted speakers and their topics.

James Brown

  • Building lightning fast mobile & desktop web applications

Tim Cunningham

  • AngluarJS - What HTML would have been if it had been designed for building web applications
  • PDF Black Magic

Oguz Demirkapi

  • Multi lingual applications and i18N and L10N

Shawn Dunning

  • Are QR codes really useful?

Nolan Erck

  • Intro to Model-View-Controllers without a Framework
  • Modularity shoot-out: CFInclude vs CFModule vs Custom Tags, vs CFFunction

Ben Farrell

  • Ben submitted so many cool presentations we're having trouble picking one. Or two. But he will be there!

Dave Ferguson

  • Application intrusion, detection and tracking

Cole Gillespie

  • jQuery mobile music discovery with the Bandcamp API

David Henry

  • Build a better functional test suite with Selenium RC, JUnit, and jQuery

Doug Hughes

  • Building your first cross platform mobile application

Les James

  • Tame your CSS3 with Sass

Garrett Johnson

  • nodeJS - What is it and why you should care

Brian Klaas

  • Improving application performance with 3 simple functions

Brian Kotek

  • The Swiz Enterprise ActionScript Framework

Sidney Maestre

  • Show me the money with PayPal APIs

Rachel Nabors

  • Comics and Design: How to tell stories with pictures and words

Daria Norris

  • Intro to caching

Birgit Pauli-Haack

  • Beginners' guide to application load testing

Adrian Pomiliio

  • Flex(ing) with HTML5
  • HTML5 Deep Dive

Andrew Powell

  • Geolocation 101

Anant Pradhan

  • Make your site search-able with CF9 and Solr

Jason Purdy

  • Making cents out of Google Analytics

Dee Sadler

  • Designing for mobile
  • Developing mobile application with Dreamweave and jQuery

Andrew Schwabe

  • Facebook apps with CFML

Bucky Schwarz

  • Writing JavaScript that doesn't suck

Dan Skaggs

  • OOP: What is it and why should I care?

Bilal Soylu

  • Applied application security
  • Building modern smart phone apps with ColdFusion and Sencha Touch

Denard Springle

  • jQuery, CSS3 and ColdFusion