NCDevCon 2017 - Wrap Up


Thanks to everyone who attended NCDevCon 2017.

Below you will find a link to session videos and resources provided by the speakers.


Videos can be found on YouTube:

Please note: All the videos may not be online yet! Keep checking back!


Taking Application Design to the Next Level with MVC by Carl Von Stetten

Visualizing Data in Realtime with WebSocket and D3 by Brian Greig

Writing Secure Code by Shlomy Gantz

Power of Simplicity in FW/1 Framework by Masha Edelen

The Ultimate Guide to Building the Worst Product by Alisa Herr

Real World DevOps by Sam Thomas & Dhaval Patel

Big Data made Easy with a Spark by Jean Georges Perrin
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6 Minute Mobile Apps with NativeScript: A Race Against Time by Mike Branstein

Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords by Brian Thompson

NodeJS Serverless Backend for your Front-Ends with Apache OpenWhisk by Carlos Santana

Writing better code with Comment Driven Development by Sean Doherty

W3C Content Security Policy & HTTP Headers for Security by David Epler

What's new in CF 10, 11, and 2016 that you may have missed? by Charlie Arehart

S-E-“Oh Myyy” : Using Structured, Semantic Data for Stellar Content by Eric Carlisle

Dev'ing with Alexa: Learning the basics of building a skill in Alexa by Terrance Smith

From Legacy to Modern, Techniques to update your legacy sites by Daniel Fredericks

Modern CFML tools and techniques by Daniel Fredericks

send.Better() - Giving Email a REST by Matthew Clemente

Going Serverless by Adrian Pomilio

An Accessible Guide to Accessibility by Nick Heiner

API First Design - Building SaaS Software Applications by Sabyasachi Gupta

Using Loopback to Rapidly Build APIs by Raymond Camden

Building a PWA (Progressive Web App) by Raymond Camden

Making Your Web Application Easier To Reason About With Unidirectional Data Flow by Kenneth Yeung

On-Device Mobile App Prototyping Made Easy by Alex Ziskind

Best Practices Are Best, Except When They're Not by Nolan Erck

Even More HTML5 by Nolan Erck

The Evolution of JS Asynchronicity by Matthew Eash



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