NCDevCon Speaker Spotlight: Adrian Pomilio


Adrian PomilioAdrian has been developing web-based applications since 1997, with a focus on Flex, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Adrian has also reached a high level of expertise in various server side languages, data modeling, GIS, mobile application development, and a proponent of Agile Software Development. Adrian is a regular presenter at various conferences and user groups, as well as an Adobe User Group Manager, author, and consultant. Most of Adrian's work centers around transportation and logistics, specifically the North American Railroad industry. Current Employer: Railinc, Cary NC.

HTML5 Deep Dive

This session is a deep dive into HTML5 APIs.

    The session will cover:
  • Selectors
  • GeoLocation
  • LocalStorage
  • CrossDocument Communications (and other sections of the communication api)
  • Offline capabilities
  • CSS3 Media Queries

Attendees will learn how to leverage the HTML5 APIs to build applications for any device.