NCDevCon 2015 Session-Lightpainting with Robots! And JavaScript!

Lightpainting with Robots! And JavaScript!

About a year ago I bought a uArm desktop robot via Kickstarter. It's tons of fun and I've learned a lot about C and Arduino real-time programming. However, C is a total pain and it'd be much more fun to use JavaScript instead. I'll demonstrate sending the robot commands over serial/Bluetooth from NodeJS. I combined this with an RGB LED and a second Arduino controller. This LED can be controlled from the same JS program controlling the robot. Add a dark room and long-exposure photography, and it's possible to create amazing in-camera "paintings" with pure light (no Photoshop). Presentation will include a few inspirational examples, a dash of code (open-source), and a live demo.

About Jon Williams

Jon Williams

A front-end developer with 18 years experience, Jon ran a poetry slam and connected a robotic ouija board to the Internet pre-2000. After a long and complex relationship with ActionScript, denial gave way to anger, bargaining, depression, and now acceptance of JavaScript. He lives in Raleigh, NC and tweets @shovemedia.

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