NCDevCon 2017 Session-API First Design - Building SaaS Software Applications

API First Design - Building SaaS Software Applications

Application Programming Interface aka API is a norm nowadays as delivering applications is not just about building a pretty user interface with 'something underneath' it to execute business logic. Applications in the modern era is about customization and integration to build an ecosystem. Think about Facebook Developer Platform or iOS or Google Developer Platform, the thing common in them is a robust and user friendly API system, which makes their products popular, usable and profitable. This session will introduce what 'API First' Design is all about, then get into it's emergence and then eventually get into design, build, deployment and acceptance strategies of APIs to prove this is not just for startups. At the end of the session you will learn on 'API First' design concepts, guidelines & tools to build and deploy them and the most important of all - mechanisms to have a feedback loop of API acceptance in order to improve it further.

About Sabyasachi Gupta

Sabyasachi Gupta

Sabyasachi Gupta aka Saby has been working in the software industry for all his career. Saby has performed multiple roles - starting as a Software Engineer and then managing projects to architecting startup products and leading and managing high performance agile product teams. He has experience in multiple business domains like healthcare, media, airline, financial to name a few. Saby was one of the initial adopters of 'Api First' design, big data technologies and microservices architecture during his technical leadership role at Myspace - a pioneer in social networking. He believe building SMART (Scalable, Measurable, Available & Agile, Reliable & Testable) software is non-trivial and hence wants to do his part of cascading his experience of building SMART software. In his current role he is leading the technical architecture of few big data products @ Zaloni, located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

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