NCDevCon 2017 Session-From Legacy to Modern, Techniques to update your Legacy CFML Sites

From Legacy to Modern, Techniques to update your Legacy CFML Sites

a. We all have worked on a spaghetti coded site that is old and hard to maintain. This talk will focus on some tips to take that legacy CFML site and make it more modern. I will spend some time going over some thoughts on what to look for in a legacy site which can help you determine if you should refactor or not. We will look at some ways to start mapping out and diagramming your site before you even touch the code. When it is time to view code, we will follow a refactor effort I did and use the techniques we discussed. Once we get through the refactor, I will show some places in the code where we can apply more modern coding techniques such as cfscript, members functions, closures and more.

About Dan Fredericks

Dan Fredericks

Been in the Tech field for 14+ years doing mostly ColdFusion on Government Contracts. I live in Northern Virginia, with wife and 2 kids. I have run the NOVACFUG for 4+ yrs. Big Sports nut especially Penn State sports.

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