NCDevCon 2017 Session-Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords

Making Use Of Our Robot Overlords

Automating workflows has been a priority of many development teams in recent years. The more your team can automate their work and integrate the different tools they use, the more they can accomplish. Why have your talented humans do QA when you have even more talented robots? Why spend your time doing the same, old DevOps work when you can build new and exciting intergrations? Come join Brian Thompson from Mindgrub to learn about how you can level up your agency game by building in automation and testing into your workflow. Connect your development life with your favorite apps and services, both inbound and outbound, as well as unify login across services. This will make your life so much better. Topics covered include: The benefits of automating your development workflow How to integrate your favorite services (like GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, etc) with other tools and services Using and creating ready-to-use recipes for common workflows What's on the horizon? Where is this all going?

About Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson

Brian currently run the Web Team at Mindgrub Technologies, a digital services agency in Baltimore specializing in Drupal websites. His life consists of coding, managing my team, having some fun playing video games, and going camping as far away from technology as possible. He's been building, maintaining, and administering websites since 2007 and has gone from intern to lead engineer to director over his tenure. During this time he's launched countless websites and managed the website and servers for high-profile websites such as those used during charity TV benefit concerts with audiences of 2 billion people.

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