NCDevCon 2017 Session-NodeJS Serverless Backend for your Front-Ends with Apache OpenWhisk

NodeJS Serverless Backend for your Front-Ends with Apache OpenWhisk

No need to deal managing servers or proxys to enable your front end Apps. Build simple things like a single web form, to a REST API for your mobile web app with a few lines of code. Apache OpenWhisk allows developers to focus on writing value-adding code instead of burning hours on architecture and server management. Write in your preferred language to combine custom code with plug-and-play packages from our rich ecosystem of supporter services, and go live in hours instead of weeks. I will show how to build a Single Page App (SPA) with a Serverless BackEnd to get you started writing NodeJS Serverless functions by the time you leave the talk.

About Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Senior Software Architect on Bluemix OpenWhisk. PMC member and committer of Apache Cordova and Apache OpenWhisk involved on leveraging open source technologies within IBM’s Cloud organization. Twitter GitHub

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