NCDevCon 2017 Session-Setting up and managing Continuous Integration

Setting up and managing Continuous Integration

Building applications is hard. Building on a remote server, automatically, efficiently and in a reproducible manner is even harder, but the benefits are amazing. With CI, you can automatically build, test, lint, and deploy your app with a single commit. But that's DevOps' job! Maybe, but chances are as a developer, you will at least once be called upon to set up this kind of process, and blindly stumbling through it is not fun. In this session I will go over setting up Jenkins, Travis, or CircleCI, and ways to integrate your whole project and process into CI. I will also go through what tools for web, javascript or mobile apps are useful in a CI process (think Docker/Vagrant), and how to integrate them.

About Trevor Brindle

Trevor Brindle

Hey, I'm Trevor. I've been working in Mobile for about 5 years at Siemens Energy, freelance and with my currently employer, Market America/ I specialize in Hybrid JS frameworks (Cordova & React Native), continuous integration, testing and standardization. I have spoken about building and deploying apps at both Dev.objective() and NCDevCon.

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