NCDevCon 2017 Session-Stop JavaScripting like it's 1999

Stop JavaScripting like it's 1999

JavaScript is moving fast. Last year’s best practices are quickly becoming today’s anti-patterns as we experience fundamental shifts in the language. With so many outdated learning resources out there, it's hard to know if we're doing things right. In this talk, Hunter Loftis will introduce us to the new rules of modern JavaScript. Whether you're a new developer trying to learn modern best practices or a veteran looking to break old habits, 2017 is your opportunity to level up! Topics: • Callback-free async patterns • Understanding Promises • Functional Patterns (map, reduce & friends) • Writing readable functions & objects • Error handling • Simplified build and dependency systems All the examples and concepts will be applicable to both browser and Node.js and environments. After this session, you’ll be able to read and write the shorter, simpler code of modern JS. Hope to see you there!

About Hunter Loftis

Hunter Loftis

Hunter spent the last three years running Heroku’s Node.js platform and is currently the engineering manager for Heroku’s languages team. He enjoys building, talking about, and thinking about games, physics engines, graphics, and microservices in JavaScript, C#, and Go. He's presented at ForwardJS, Nodevember, JSConf EU, and other development events. You can find his work on the Heroku Engineering Blog and at PlayfulJS.

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