NCDevCon 2017 Session-Taking Application Design to the Next Level with MVC

Taking Application Design to the Next Level with MVC

Are you still developing procedural-style ColdFusion applications? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Have you begun feeling the pain of dealing with tangled code messes filled with includes, custom tags, and random components? The most common cure is embracing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. There are several excellent and powerful community-supported MVC frameworks available (FW/1, ColdBox, CFWheels) to make life easier. Come to this session and learn: • What the MVC design pattern is and what problems it solves, • How FW/1’s convention-based approach can bring structure to an application, • What dependency injection is and how it simplifies the “model” portion of applications, • How to progressively refactor real-world procedural code into MVC-style code We will walk through a simple procedural application and then see how the same application can be structured as an MVC application using FW/1 (and a little bit of Coldbox too). This session will help anyone with a moderate skill level in ColdFusion, and at least some familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts.

About Carl Von Stetten

Carl Von Stetten

I have been working as a Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst with Central San in California for 17 years, and have developed and maintained a number of internal ColdFusion-based GIS applications for our staff. I am well-versed in Microsoft SQL Server and Esri ArcGIS technologies. I managed the Bay Area ColdFusion User Group (BACFUG) for several years, and am currently an Adobe Community Professional for ColdFusion.

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